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Advice from LOETB Adult Guidance & Information Service

In this uncertain year for the Leaving Certificate, the CAO change of mind facility gives you back control. So, what exactly is change of mind? It is a facility offered by CAO to all applicants, allowing them to change their minds about course choices or add new choices (you may not add restricted courses). It opened on 5th May and will close on 1st July at exactly 5:15 pm.

This year Covid-19 has given you the greatest commodity – Time!

Time to reflect on choices, interests, discussions with family, review the course modules and possible careers. Whilst calculated grading takes the Leaving Certificate results out of your hands, so much is available to students and parents to inform decisions. Colleges have virtual tours, online summer schools, live Q& A’s, Instagram videos and web chats. Use the time wisely to research.

An informed decision means following one cardinal rule: Make your choices in order of preference!  This means listing your choices based on what you want, not what you think you will get. CAO will offer the highest eligible choice on your list and NO, you cannot opt for something lower down once an offer is made. In the CAO system you can only go up. For example, you get a 3rd choice offer in round 1, possibly you will get 1st or 2nd choice in a later round, but you will never get offered your 4th choice.  This year some of the traditional influences may be impacted: the college experience, the craic, Freshers’ Week, living away, following the friends. It is likely first semester will be blended learning and students may get to know classmates via Zoom rather than in the college bar. So, choose for you, for your future! 


Do Don’t

Complete in genuine order of preference.

List based on points- these can vary, your order of preference won’t.

Ensure you meet minimum requirement.

List any course higher than your ideal course.

Use both lists: up to 20 choices.

Choose courses you have no interest in.

Research- use or

Select a course where you don’t meet entry requirements.

Check any restrictions.

 Leave Level 6/7 choices blank.

Recheck your final selection. Log out and back in to be sure it saved.

Choose based on where friends are going.

If you need advice, please contact Laois and Offaly ETB’s Adult Education Guidance and Information Service –

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