FET Forum

Terms of Reference of the LOETB FET Forum


The purpose of the FET Forum is to fulfil the role and responsibilities delegated to it by the FET SMT, for the oversight, planning, co-ordination, development and quality of the programmes of the ETB.

In doing so, it assists the FET SMT in protecting, maintaining and developing the standards of education and training programmes and the related activities of LOETB.


The membership of the FET Forum is designed to enable professional colleagues to collectively contribute to the oversight, planning, coordination, development and quality of the Further Education and Training programmes.

Chair:                          The FET Forum has significant responsibilities. The Chair will be a member of the FET SMT

Secretary:                   Appointed by the FET Director 

Ordinary Members:   Centre/Service Managers will be members of the FET Forum.

Accountable to:        

FET Senior Management Team

Schedule of Meetings:

  • The FET Forum will meet at least 4 times a year.
  • In order for a quorum to be established, 50% of members + 1 additional member must be in attendance
  • The meeting agenda and supporting documentation must be circulated to members at least one week in advance of a scheduled meeting
  • Decisions are made by consensus or by the exercise of a vote if necessary; the Chair has the deciding vote in the event of a split decision
  • Meeting outcomes are recorded and circulated in draft form within two weeks of a meeting
  • The minutes of meetings are approved at the beginning of the subsequent meeting of the FET Forum
  • Confirmed minutes are submitted for noting to the next meeting of the FET SMT
  • In some cases, at the discretion of the Chair, an incorporeal meeting of the FET Forum may be held where reports can be circulated virtually and accepted by members without the FET Forum having to meet.

Operational Matters:

The FET Forum is responsible for the following:

  • Working with the FET SMT to implement the FET elements of LOETB’s Statement of Strategy
  • Agreeing its operating procedures as outlined by the FET SMT
  • Establishing sub-groups to advance programme-related matters, if required, and as approved by the FET SMT
  • Making recommendations to the FET SMT to inform its decision-making and in line with its terms of reference
  • Reporting to the FET SMT and preparing a FET Forum Annual Report for the FET SMT on key decisions and actions taken by the FET Forum and making any recommendations to the FET SMT, as appropriate
  • Receiving recommendations from working groups of governance on specified matters to inform its responsibilities
  • Receiving annual reports from sub-units of governance on their activities
  • Participating in the review of its terms of reference and formally making recommendations to the FET SMT as appropriate
  • Reviewing the outcomes of reviews of terms of reference by its sub-units of governance and making recommendations to the FET SMT as appropriate
  • Establishing a framework for the formal review of all FET provision
  • Exercising any other functions, which may be formally delegated to it by the FET SMT or CE
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