Local Creative Youth Partnership (LCYP)


For further information or to forward any creative ideas young people would like to submit, please send an email to Patricia Wallis, LO LCYP Creative Coordinator at pwallis@loetb.ie


Laois Offaly Local Creative Youth Partnership (LO LCYP)

Laois Offaly Local Creative Youth Partnerships objective throughout 2019 was to enrich the creative lives of young people across the two counties by increasing participation and engagement in creative opportunities.

Following the establishment of a Steering Committee to lead and direct the initiative, a comprehensive piece of research was conducted with 53 providers of youth service and the voice of 609 young people from diverse backgrounds, to help identify the creative needs of young people aged 10-24 living in Laois and Offaly.

The research identified barriers to participation such as transport, cost, lack of facilities and poor availability of creative programmes. Addressing those needs led to the development of 5 specific programme areas that focused on rural, urban, targeted, post-primary schools and theatre. This research informed Laois Offaly Local Creative Youth Partnership what young people wanted, and subsequently, 720 young people were fully engaged in the design, delivery and evaluation of 23 diverse and exciting creative programmes such as;


Photography Music
Rapping Dance/ Creative Movement
Film Making and Video Production Coding / App Development
Podcasting Radio Production
Creative Writing Window design and dressing
Bio-diversity Projects Ceramic Mural
Youth Theatre  

Building upon the success of 2019, in 2020, Laois Offaly Local Creative Youth Partnership will continue to progress the valuable work and engage with young people, feeding into the excitement generated by the creative programmes.

Laois Offaly Local Creative Youth Partnership, fervently believe in collaboration with and building upon existing partnerships, whilst also forging new ones is the key to maximizing creative opportunities and levels of engagement with young people.

Laois Offaly Local Creative Youth Partnership will continue to engage the voice of young people in decision making processes and support ways in which their opinions and views are heard and acted upon.

Embedded in the ethos of Laois Offaly Local Creative Youth Partnership are models of good practice, that will help inform and sustain a framework supporting the creative and cultural education of children and young people throughout Laois and Offaly into the future is paramount.



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