Leading Remote Teams


The course is aimed at line managers new to remote leadership to provide them with the skills required to manage their remote teams.

  • Leadplaceless Certification
  • Grow Remote Facilitated Workshops
  • QQI Level 6 – Project Management


 “ Our remote leadership program will have an immediate and lasting impact on virtual leadership skills. This program is designed for managers new to remote leadership or looking to optimize the productivity and culture of their remote teams. This program covers the fundamental skills needed to lead distributed teams, presented in 7 core modules''

Seven modules guide leaders through the core skills needed to be an effective manager of remote teams. Applicable assignments are combined with practical advice and case studies from experienced remote leaders. The seven modules include:

  1. Remote Team Culture
  2. Communication
  3. Performance Management
  4. Conflict Management
  5. Change Management
  6. Vision
  7. Learning & Development


QQI Level 6 – Project Management (incorporating Agile & Lean)

This accredited course is aimed at discovering how Agile and Lean business management techniques can be used to enhance remote working, team collaboration and business efficiency during COVID-19.

Course Overview:

  • Key principles of Agile and Lean Manufacturing
  • Introduction to Lean & Agile tools which include 7 wastes of lean, maintaining flow, pull not push, user story tools, team collaboration and backlog management
  • Understand how to communicate effectively remotely and managing teams from a distance
  • Demonstrate the 5S of Lean, Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain
  • Understand the importance in Agile of:
    • Desired outcomes versus realised outputs
    • Value and timely delivery
  • Formulate a project management proposal by establishing rationale based on valid needs analysis.
    • Understanding of Problem, Objective, Framework, Justification, Proposal, Cost
    • Demonstrate the 5 Whys (root cause analysis)
  • Demonstrate Risk Analysis and Mitigation Plan from case study scenario
  • Understanding of Agile and Lean Budgeting versus Traditional Budgeting
  • Manage a project taking corrective action where necessary to meet agreed goals
    • Appreciating Lean Change Management 
    • Appreciating Agile Change Management 
    • Learning to Experiment

Grow Remote

Grow Remote is an award winning social enterprise on a mission to enable us to work, live and participate locally. Over the past two years the group has built up a community of experts in remote working, engaging with over 10,000 in offline events, training up 100s of people in the skill of remote work, and making information related to remote work freely and easily available to over 1million people.


Online Facilitated Workshops

Overview of the Remote Work Space and the offerings of Grow Remote – Tracy Keogh, Grow Remote

Understand the landscape of the remote working world. Introduction to Grow Remote and the offerings they have online to support those who have had to or want to, manage employees / teams remotely.

Communications & Intro to slack and zoom - Shauna Moran

Facilitated online session.  Shauna is the founder of Operate Remote – works with businesses and individuals to implement and maintain a positive and effective remote working model. Shauna also helps businesses and individuals with remote working best practices and policies. 

Management Coaching - Renate Kolhmann (ex Wayfair)

Renate is a business consultant currently providing advice and consulting services in three core areas - remote working, career development and management coaching. 

Managing conflict: Angela Piper, ex Head of HR at Scrapinghub

Angela is an experienced remote HR leader with real life experience managing conflict in remote teams.

Shane Evans, CEO Scrapinghub.

Shane leads a fully remote team and has built the company to generate millions in turnover over the past 5 years.

Finn Graham, cofounder at GloFox

As cofounder of one of Ireland’s largest remote companies, Finn will speak about how they run the operations and manage change.

Tom Foxton, head of learning and development eBay

How eBay manage the onboarding process for new members, and ensure there’s ongoing learning and development.


Duration: 10 weeks

For further information or to register please contact

Jolene Hall: jhall@loetb.ie / 085 2539167 

Aideen Poole: apoole@loetb.ie / 087 1777879


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