Quality Policy Development and Review Groups

Terms of Reference of LOETB FET QA Policy Development and Review Working Groups


The purpose of the LOETB FET QA Policy Development and Review Working Groups is to develop new policies and procedures, and review existing FET policies and procedures.


The membership of the FET QA Policy Development and Review Working Groups is designed to enable relevant LOETB management and staff to collectively contribute to the development of new, and review of existing, policies and procedures.

Chair: The Chair will be a member of LOETB’s QA Support Service

Secretary: The Secretary will be appointed by a member of the FET SMT

Ordinary Members:

  • One industry representative from all LOETB FET/Centre Services
  • Relevant LOETB staff members involved in the delivery of the discipline in question, where available

Learner Representation: The process of developing new, and reviewing existing, FET policies may involve facilitating Learner Focus groups

Accountable to:        

LOETB FET Quality Forum


  • Proposing new or revised QA policies and procedures (as per an identified schedule, and as the need arises) to the Programme Advisory Forum
  • Developing draft QA policy documents
  • Identifying required resources, staff development and learner support requirements to support the implementation of new QA policies and procedures
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of existing policies/procedures
  • Implementing minor modifications/additions to policies and procedures as a result of new or revised policies and procedures
  • Reporting on progress of action plans (arising from introduction or review of policies/procedures) to Advisory Forum
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