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Boost your Business by Upskilling your Staff!

A company that is willing to train and develop their workforce will have a significant advantage over other companies in this increasingly competitive business world. Employee turnover represents a significant cost for business, in terms of costs, time and staff morale. Meanwhile, upskilling or reskilling is a much smaller investment. Giving your staff opportunities to reskill helps to create a well-rounded, highly-trained workforce that are more efficient, motivated and loyal. Other benefits include:

  • Improved staff retention
  • Increased opportunities for business growth
  • Higher productivity and competitiveness
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • High staff morale
  • Positive employer reputation


The Skills to Advance initiative, provided by Laois and Offaly Education and Training Board (LOETB), provides upskilling and reskilling opportunities to employees in Laois and Offaly. Working closely with local micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSME), LOETB’s Enterprise Engagement Officers strive to support employers in identifying specific skills needs, and to enable employers to invest in their workforce by providing worthwhile and valuable education and training programmes to staff at a heavily subsidised rate.

Education and training programmes may vary in duration and can take place during the day, evenings, or at weekends. The level and type of certification will depend on the employer’s specific needs. Class groups may be made up of employees from one employer only, or from a range of employers.

Programmes provided by LOETB include:

  • Leading Remote Teams: designed in collaboration with Grow Remote, IDA Ireland, SOLAS and LOETB, the programme is aimed at managers that are new to remote leadership or looking to optimize the productivity and culture of their remote teams on an ongoing basis.
  • Supporting the Green Economy: Green and Yellow Belt, Quality Manufacturing Practice, Project Management (incorporating Agile), Business Development, Retrofitting
  • Digitalisation: ECDL/MOS, Digital Marketing, Industrial Electrical Systems
  • Business: Personal Development, Train the Trainer, Supervisory Management, Conflict Management, Change in the Workplace
  • Health and Social Care: Care Skills, Care Support, Infection Prevention and Control, Introduction to Clean Room Operations

Employers often ask “What if I train my employees and they leave?” But what if you don’t and they stay?!



"Alison Ritchie Polar Ice talks about the increased sense of employee engagement after undertaking Lean Management training with LOETB" 



"This was our first time to partner with the LOETB on such training, but we are already well advanced on planning our next venture together.”

Gary Kelly Grant Engineering



“We recently had three of our Team Leaders attend Frontline Leadership Training organised by the Laois Offaly ETB, and it proved to be a very worthwhile experience for all involved. There were four other local companies involved also and, in addition to the high level of tuition provided, it was a great opportunity for the guys to bounce ideas off of each other and get a feel for the challenges that others around us are facing. They came back from the training re-energised and full of really positive ideas for the business".



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