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Course Overview

The Remote Work Ready programme is aimed at those seeking employment in a Remote Work environment.  The course provide participants with the skills and knowledge to adapt to a remote work environment. Modules include virtual communication, Culture in the workplace and transferable skills. 
The course is broken into self paced learning modules and live (in-person where possible) interactive sessions with industry experts. 



Module Content:

Introduction to Remote Work- Introduction you to the concept of remote working, understanding how remote work differs from other modes of work

Introduction to Virtual Communications - Introduction to the necessary skills, knowledge, and competencies required to effectively communicate verbally and non-verbally within your team as part of a remote team. 

Culture in the Workplace - Understand what company culture is and why it's important.  Identify ways to investigate what the company culture is.  Be able to list some of the ways remote teams influence a company's culture.

Individual Differences and Working Remotely - Be able to recognise how self-awareness can help you become a successful remote worker, to demonstrate how to manage your energy levels when working remotely successfully,  practice good time management, and identify and effectively manage stress.

Transferable Skills - Learn to identify existing transferable skills and how they are useful across different roles and business cases

ICDL Certification 


The IT security module covers the main skills and knowledge needed for the secure use of ICT in everyday settings, at home and at work. 

Data Protection 

The Data Protection module covers important knowledge relating to data protection concepts and principles, data subject rights, data protection policies and measures and regulatory compliance. 


The teamwork module cover the main concepts and skills needed to work effectively in a team collaborative tools and platforms. 


6 weeks in duration 
Tutor led online classes and self-directed learning 


Ongoing assessment through the Remote Work Ready programme 
ICDL certification 


This course is fully funded 


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