LOETB Results Approval Panel

Terms of Reference of LOETB Results Approval Panel


The purpose of the Results Approval process is to confirm that the assessment of learner evidence and authentication of assessment results has been carried out in line with LOETB’s Quality Assurance Agreement with QQI.  It confirms fairness, transparency and consistency in LOETB’s assessment process and ensures the validity of the results produced.


The LOETB Results Approval process applies to all assessments leading to QQI awards.  LOETB convenes a Results Approval Panel (RAP) for the purpose of approving of QQI assessment results delivered under its Further Education and Training (FET) provision.  All results are provisional until approved by the panel and all learner results must be considered by the RAP before submission for certification.

Role & Responsibilities:

The role of the Panel is to formally review and approve results prior to submission to QQI for certification.

The Panel is responsible for ensuring:

  • All learner results are reviewed
  • The findings of Internal Verification and External Authentication reports are reviewed
  • The outcomes and recommendations of the reports (including changes to assessment grades), are discussed and agreement reached on any response/actions required, including changes to learner grades
  • LOETB assessment procedures were observed
  • Appropriate evidence and records are available
  • Suspected irregularities are investigated
  • Confirmed assessment irregularities are addressed appropriately and corrective action taken where necessary
  • Appropriate decisions are taken regarding the outcome of the assessment, verification and authentication processes
  • Results are fully quality assured and signed off by authorised staff in LOETB prior to submission to QQI
  • All discussions and documentation are confidential and subject to LOETB’s Date Protection Policy and statutory requirements


The membership of the RAP may consist of fixed and occasional members.  A minimum of three people are required to ensure the assessment decisions are valid.  Members of the Results Approval Panel must include the following:

Chairperson Member of the LOETB FET Senior Management Team
Secretary A QA Support Service Staff Member
Other Members

LOETB staff listed below may be invited to participate on the panel or for a particular section of the meeting as appropriate eg:

Chief Executive

Director of FET Services

QA staff member

Further Education Manager

Training Services Manager

FET Centre Manager / Exam Secretary for courses from their centre

Principal / Deputy Principal / Exam Secretary for courses for their school

Assessor / Teacher / Tutor / Instructor / Programme Coordinator

Internal Verifier(s)

Representatives of second provider

Independent External Authenticator(s)

Schedule of Meetings:

The Results Approval Panel meeting takes place following completion of the Internal Verification and External Authentication Processes for all QQI qualifications offered through FET.

Assessment Results Approval Procedures: Overview

  1. The QA Support Service convenes RAP meetings as required in line with QQI submission requirements and dates.
  2. Each centre or service submitting in a particular certification round is notified of their Results Approval Meeting details by the QA Support Service.
  3. All learners’ results must be considered at a RAP meeting before they are approved on the RCCRS (in the case of training courses) and submitted through QQI Business System for certification.
  4. The RAP members sign a Confidentiality Agreement that is retained by the QA Support Service.
  5. Relevant documentation is presented for each programme or learner group.This documentation may include, but not limited to:  
    •    IV Reports
    •    EA Reports 
    •    IV and EA Report Summaries
    •    Submissions from centres, where relevant
  6. The Panel discuss the reports and other documentation including any concerns, irregularities or breach of assessment regulations and advises on appropriate corrective or improvement actions, if required.  Decisions are made by group consensus with reference to the quality assurance responsibilities for LOETB under its QA agreement with QQI.
  7. Minutes of the Results Approval Meeting are recorded, outlining the issues discussed and decisions reached.
  8. The Panel considers the reports and approves the final results.Panel decisions are recorded and outcomes are notified to third parties where appropriate.
  9. The Panel authorises centre personnel to inform learners of their approved results and their right to appeal.
  10. For Training courses, the Course Summary Assessment and Results Approval Form (F12), Approval of Results Section is completed and signed by the RAP Chairperson.
  11. All documentation is returned to the Secretary at the end of the meeting.
  12. For all programmes a copy of the meeting minutes is forwarded by the QA Support Service to Centre/Service Managers for comment.Once feedback is received the final version is compiled by the QA Support Service, signed by the Chairperson of the RAP and forwarded to Centre/Service Managers.
  13. Recommendations arising from the Results Approval process are detailed in minutes of the Results Approval meeting.These minutes form part of the assessment record and are retained by the QA Support Service and by the relevant Centre/Service Manager.Minutes are available for monitoring purposes.
  14. Results which have been approved are submitted to QQI for certification in accordance with approved procedures.



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